A Lifelong Volunteer

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It only takes a few moments with Roslyn “Babs” Rhodes to see her energetic, passionate and optimistic spirit shining through. She shares a great deal of that spirit with the numerous volunteer organizations in which she is involved. From childhood to an active retirement at Attleboro Village, a continuing care community located in Langhorne, PA, volunteering has always just been a “part of life” for Babs.

“This is the way I can pay back society,” Babs commented. “It keeps me young.”

For the past eight years, Babs has caught the train to Center City where she volunteers at the MANNA kitchen. She will take on all of the necessary tasks to help prepare meals for HIV/AIDS victims and their families who are homebound. Even the production head chef at MANNA said of Babs, “She has more energy than anyone I know.” And with MANNA cooking 1000 to 2000 meals a day, her energy is certainly invaluable.

At a Chance to Heal, three generations of the Rhodes family have worked together for a common cause. Her daughter and granddaughter founded the organization which raises funds to promote understanding while treating and advocating for those diagnosed with eating disorders. Babs is on the board of the organization, which will be going national this year.

She has also spent the past eight years directing Philadelphia City Hall visitors to places of interest. Furthermore, her involvement with X-SITE provides young adults with an intergenerational training experience and helps children feel as though they are part of their community.

It is vibrant individuals like Babs that contribute to the energetic environment one can find at Attleboro. In fact, at the heart of the community is Main Street where people mingle every day, knowing fun times are bound to happen.

As every residential building in Attleboro connects to Main Street, Babs and her peers simply step out of their front door to be at the center of it all. With recreation such as yoga and exercise aquatic classes as well as social events, cultural activities and educational classes, this part of the community is filled with opportunity.

And opportunity is certainly a term with which Babs is familiar. As if all of her volunteer efforts mentioned thus far do not seem like enough, she still manages to fit even more philanthropic work into her schedule. For example, through her involvement with the “Book and the Cook,” she promotes Philadelphia restaurants.

There is no doubt that with Babs’s caring heart, the world is truly a better place. Although it is hard to imagine her not volunteering, when she does decide to focus a little time on herself, she can be found playing tennis or having lunch with her friends.

Babs initially looked for a continuing care community because she did not want to be a burden to her children and wanted to stay independent. Between the stimulating activities and the caring, accommodating staff, she knows she has made the right choice.

Now, she is one of the many faces that can be seen strolling through the village of her current home that reputably triggers a sense of nostalgia for residents and visitors. Reminiscent of quaint neighborhoods from America’s treasured past, Attleboro has the allure of a small town with a staff that makes Babs and her peers feel right at home.

And while reflecting on her own past, as well as the proactive decision she has made for her future, Babs reached one conclusion.

“It’s just a wonderful life,” she said.

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