A Great Life with a Home Health Agency

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Not many people can say they have reached the milestones that Mabel and Frenis Hoffman have. Married at the ages of 16 and 18, the couple recently celebrated their 71st anniversary. Although they have supported one another throughout the years, they are currently happy to have additional care from a home health agency.

After serving in WWII as a combat infantryman, Frenis taught eighth grade science for 25 years while Mabel worked as a secretary and moved up to management for Montgomery Public Schools. She has also published an autobiography and held the title of Ms. Senior America. The Hoffmans have two children, four grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren, most of whom live close by in the Frederick area.

When Frenis began to experience health issues, he quickly learned that a nursing home was not his ideal living arrangement. “He became an accomplished escape artist,” Mabel said of his attempts to leave the facility and get back home.

Mabel then learned of the possibility of home care from her elder law attorney. When he recommended Home Instead Senior Care, the Hoffmans contacted its local franchise serving Frederick, Washington and Carroll Counties.

For the past three years, the home health agency has not only allowed Frenis to live at home, but it has provided Mabel some respite as the caregivers, who help with laundry, cleaning and meal preparation, are always available. “The company is here for us, whatever the needs are,” she said. “They will always ask, ‘Is there anything else I can help you with?'”

Mabel described a situation in which she had an engagement she wanted to attend that conflicted with Frenis’ care schedule. The caregiver said, “I really want you to go do this for yourself.” Confident with the aides, Mabel has peace of mind knowing there is always someone who can look after Frenis.

Their companionship has also enhanced his quality of life as he continues his favorite activities including going to Baker Park to feed the ducks and shooting pool at the senior center. When asked how he felt about spending time with his caregivers, Frenis responded, “I love it!”

As individuals who thrive on their relationships and feel blessed with the memories they have shared, the Hoffmans feel that the individuals at Home Instead are an extension of their family. “We’ve lived a great life and we’ll continue to live a great life with the help of Home Instead,” said Mabel.

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