A Geriatric Care Manager Can Help

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When her mother started to experience short-term memory loss, Allie Bowling knew that she was going to need more care. She initially hired in-home care providers to care for her mother, who was living in the same building, while she was away. However, as her mother’s cognitive abilities deteriorated, it became clear that a higher level of care would be necessary.

Allie, who was familiar with retirement living options, knew she wanted a geriatric care manager to help her and her family make the best care decision for her mother. After consulting her three siblings, she began calling geriatric care managers listed in the Guide to Retirement Living. She recalls, “I interviewed several geriatric care managers in the area, in both Virginia and Maryland. I noticed the listing for Senior Care Associates and Linda Aufderhaar, and I recognized her name. When I called her, I got a very good feeling that she would work well with my family.”

Ms. Aufderhaar met with Allie and her family and recommended assisted living communities for them to tour. “I had originally wanted to place my mother in a larger facility, but we ended up placing her in a residential group home. Linda really led us to that decision because she thought a smaller facility might be easier to navigate and less overwhelming for my mother, given her level of dementia,” explains Allie.

Once the family had visited several facilities and narrowed their options, Linda held a conference call with them and helped them reach a final decision. Within two months the family was able to move their mother to a small, homey setting where she receives the care she needs. Of the experience, Allie attests, “Linda’s help really streamlined the decision-making process and took a lot of the weight off me. It was so helpful to have information from an experienced, professional source.”

“Now when I hear friends saying that they are overwhelmed with caring for their parents, and they don’t know what to do, I am quick to explain that they need to get professional help from a geriatric care manager,” says Allie, who continues, “there is no need to go at it alone when there is assistance available to help you and your family make these difficult decisions.”

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