A Family Reunion Between Sisters

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As adults, sisters Helen and Kitty Kirwan led very different lives on opposite sides of the country. Knowing their family would always be there for one another, the twosome recently reunited and will be spending their future years together at their assisted living community.

Helen and Kitty were born and raised in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania and their family immigrated to Maryland during WWII. Kitty came to Aberdeen with their father, who was an unemployed coal miner, and an older brother who was in the service in Washington D.C. The remainder of the family – four siblings and their mother – moved to Maryland where the family settled in Baltimore.

Helen became a telephone operator for Western Electric and Kitty ultimately started working for the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company. During the war, Helen married a man named Richard with whom she had four children. Their family settled into a home in Reisterstown where her career included numerous jobs. She eventually retired from the State of Maryland after over 20 years of working at Rosewood Hospital Center as a secretary and administrative aide.

Her sister, on the other hand, traveled west for her adventure and had eloped with a man named Charles following the war. They were married in Las Vegas and eventually settled in California. There, they opened a flower shop in Inglewood in 1947, appropriately titled Kitty’s Flowers. Their flower shop was in business for 40 years as the couple continued to enjoy life and visit Vegas until Charles’s passing.

Kitty returned to Baltimore in 1999 for health reasons and to be near her family. Her declining health led her to make the transition to a small assisted living facility in Howard County where her sister Helen would eventually join her in 2006.

Although they had each other, the sisters still branched out to meet their fellow residents. In fact, they became fast friends with one of their peers who was also born in Wilkes Barre. When Kitty and Helen learned their new friend was moving to North Pines, a residential assisted living home in Carroll County, they refused to be separated. Declaring they were a team, all three moved together to North Pines.

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