A Daily Money Manager Acts as an Alter Ego

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daily money management in md, va, dc, nj, de, paBoston native Vera Berne worked in different mental health settings inWashington,D.C. after moving to the nation’s capital in 1943.  As a respected diagnostician, teacher and mentor to a number of mental health professionals, she helped several individuals throughout her career that spanned over 50 years.  Now, at the age of 90, Vera has been needing assistance herself and is glad to have found a trusted daily money manger.

Over the course of her career, Vera never emphasized private practice feeling it was too isolating in terms of her capacity to effect change.  Above all, she said she stressed the importance of distrusting simple answers and instead dealing with complexity in the area of human behavior.

After the passing of her husband, the nature of her work extended to a broader field as she did international consulting, establishing relationships in Europe.  “I had the great opportunity to meet some extraordinarily gifted people from whom I did learn much,” she said.

According to Vera, her profession was interrupted almost overnight when she lost the capacity to read over two years ago because of a physical change in the structure of her eye. As her eyesight continued to diminish, she found it impossible to operate independently with certain tasks such as money management.  Fortunately, she was connected to Kate Finan of Finan Financial Care, LLC, who has specialized in the daily money management needs of seniors in the area since 1993.

When Kate visits Vera, they consider the priority of items such as paying bills and making donations to charities; reconciling the checkbook; and reviewing and making decisions on how to respond to a fairly large volume of mail.  Vera has also appreciated the focus on her need for legal help as they have established a will and other important documents.  “She has been great in helping me organize the practical aspects of my life under the condition of diminished sight; she acts as an alter ego,” said Vera.

She also said she has found a connection with Kate as far as her capacity to see the complexity of what Vera has to deal with beyond simple solutions.

“In this relationship with Kate, what is paramount is the mutual recognition that the problem is not in a loss of mental capacity but rather in the capacity to deal with practical everyday problems,” said Vera.  “Without her help, I would have been stressed and unable to manage my current life.”


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