A Daily Money Management Service Provides Peace of Mind in Finding Caregivers

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Experiencing changes in health can be very difficult for individuals and their loved ones. What can make it even more challenging are the complex financial and legal matters often involved. Roslyn Michelson and her family learned about these issues firsthand, but were fortunately able to remedy the situation with the help of a daily money manager.

When her husband went to Florida, Roslyn entered an assisted living facility for respite care in order to join him later. Due to poor care, however, she checked herself out and received help from an in home caregiver. Unfortunately Roslyn’s health didn’t improve and was unable to join her husband, therefore he returned home. Soon Mrs. Michelson was hospitalized, after which they proceeded to have a full-time caregiver.

Despite having long-term care insurance, Roslyn had not had the strength to get the appropriate paperwork organized and submitted to the company and was therefore paying the caregiver out of pocket along with the long-term care premiums.

As a result, Roslyn’s social worker insisted she enlist outside help and contacted Mary Helen Dennis with InfoDoc, Inc., a daily money management and professional organizing service. Although Roslyn was hesitant to be paying for such services, they established a relationship that lasted three years.

With the help of InfoDoc, the long-term care paperwork was submitted and a system was set up accordingly for the caregiver to regularly send her bills directly to the insurance company. Since paperwork “drove her crazy,” Roslyn’s husband had always handled it until his health began to fail. In turn, Mary Helen, who also developed a working relationship with Roslyn’s attorney and tax accountant, helped clean out and organize her files, from gathering her tax documents on time to recovering requested documents for the estate attorney.

In 2005, when her husband passed away, Roslyn received help filing the life insurance claims, and was surprised to learn there was a third policy of which she was unaware. According to Mary Helen, this was due to the policies being purchased over 50 years before and the insurance company names having since changed. Later that year, Roslyn moved to an assisted living facility and received frequent visits from Mary Helen who also continued to offer her services until Roslyn’s passing in December of 2008.

Not only did the help of a daily money manager help Roslyn in the last few years of her life, but it also provided her loved ones with peace of mind as her two daughters now know exactly where to find all of her important documents.

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