Living Independent: A Custom-Built Retirement

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Residents Living IndependentlyBob and Pauline Sumner have never met Dick and Ann Calef. Both couples reside in the West Chester area and are extremely active in their different pursuits and volunteer work. However, they share one important similarity: they are all one step closer to spending their future in the cutting-edge community, called Whiteland Village

The soon-to-be neighbors will be among the first residents joining this new Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) located in the heart of Chester County in Exton, PA. These couples have done their research and are quite familiar with the perks of entering a new community where their say can go a long way.

“Offering choices to our resident is an important aspect of Whiteland Village,” said Jim Burnham, a partner with Whiteland Village, “That is why we have so many selections for our residents to consider. We also offer multiple health care plans that permit our residents to choose the plan that best suits their individual needs, including a 100% refund option.”

According to Burnham, the residents of Whiteland Village will own their individual residential unit. In addition, the community will be debt free. Both are important advantages to the residents, and distinguish Whiteland Village from the more typical entry fee arrangement.

And it is choice that appeals to diverse individuals such as the Sumners and Calefs who are working with the Whiteland Village Staff to design their future homes and further enhance their already active lifestyles.

For 38 years, Bob practiced dentistry in West Chester while his wife worked as a teacher in Millersville.

The current Radley Run residents are always willing to assist others as Pauline does volunteer work with their church and Bob has spent the past four years on missions to bring dentistry clinics to five foreign countries.

“I love helping people and I was very devoted to my career,” said Bob.

Aside from his work, he picked up different hobbies such as photography for which he received various honors. Another activity Bob enjoys is woodworking, and he plans to share his skills and equipment with others in a professional quality wood shop provided at Whiteland Village.

“The space we have is absolutely fantastic,” he said, “They are giving us all the space that we need, and even offered me more.”

Being able to share his interests, however, is only the beginning for Bob and his peers at Whiteland Village. Entering a new community allows individuals a fresh start and great opportunity to meet others of like mind.

“I think it’s easier going to a new place where everyone is on the same level getting to know people,” said Bob, “Sometimes it’s hard to break into a circle that’s well-established.”

One couple with which the Sumners have already become acquainted are the Calefs, who are also greatly anticipating their move.

“Whiteland Village is in the right location and offers everything that we want,” said Ann Calef, “It’s near our kids and everything we’re familiar with, such as our doctors.”

Dick Calef spent his career in marketing management in the Power Systems and Aerospace industries while his wife specialized in psychology working with different individuals in the community. They enjoy cooking, traveling, golf, volunteering with Meals on Wheels, and taking part in Widener’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Dick is helping to bring lifelong learning opportunities to the Whiteland Village campus.

For these two couples, choosing to live at a CCRC means more time to devote to those activities and the charitable efforts they enjoy.

“There are a lot of things that I want to do and lots of things that I have to do,” said Dick, “I would like to spend more time on the former.”

For the Calefs, choosing a CCRC eliminates the need to move again and provides assurance that medical facilities are available if needed.

The continuum of care is a relief for the Sumners, since Pauline has been experiencing arthritic problems.

“One of my associates said ‘What you are doing now is the best gift you can give to your daughter,'” said Bob. After the experience of caring for their parents, the couple knew they wanted to relieve their daughter of this stress.

For the future residents of Whiteland Village, however, the options beyond continuing care seem endless and the two couples could not be more excited.

After researching their alternative choices for a few years, the Sumners knew Whiteland Village was their ideal future home.

“We met with Carol Burnham and afterwards, Pauline said ‘I feel really good about this,'” said Bob, “And I said ‘If that’s so, then I feel fantastic about it.'”

Although he knows the general contractor, Bob said there is something about how accommodating everyone has been, and the Calefs would have to agree.

“One of the primary benefits of Whiteland Village is choosing a unit that best fits our needs and customizing it to what we want,” said Ann.

From Bob’s woodworking group to the type and design of their large condominium units the future residents of the community can rest assured that they do have a choice at Whiteland Village.

According Dan Sevick, the President of the development company, Roskamp Management Company, individuals can select what they want in their homes from the tile in the bathrooms to the 29 floor plan choices. A design studio office, called the “Finishing Touches” program, details various parts of the condominiums allowing residents to choose kitchen cabinets, flooring, fabric selections, etc.

“I think it’s important that you have input on where you will be living,” said Bob, “We really like the folks involved.”

Another advantage of Whiteland Village is the fact that it is a lifetime guarantee equity community where residents will own their unit. Along with the financial security individuals will be assured, there are multiple life care plans to suit particular circumstances. People will be allowed to opt out of various monthly services they do not want such as meal plans and housekeeping which will be deducted from monthly fees.

Whiteland Village also prides itself on being a green community where there will be a green roof for outdoor activities such as croquet and picnics, as well as over 25 acres of natural green space with walking trails. The Whiteland Village community will also be able to continuously generate 100% of their electrical needs from an on-site co-generation facility.

For active residents such as the Calefs and Sumners, a wellness center will be available with a gym and two pools. Residents can enjoy the convenience of a variety of dining areas, including a Pub/Lounge. The list goes on as the community’s various amenities also include a bank, beauty salon, performing arts theatre, library, a game and card rooms, green house, and a Chefs Market.

“Whiteland Village is being developed as a cutting edge CCRC facility with many resort style amenities,” said Jim, “And we can’t wait until 2009 when we will be able to ‘cut the ribbon’ and move into the community.”

While taking advantage of the latest housing concepts, Whiteland Village and its seemingly endless opportunities offers a great deal that is quite hard to refuse.

As Dick Calef said, “Working with the principals at Whiteland has been a real pleasure; we are excited and really looking forward to living there.”

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