Living Independent: A Community Lifestyle Far from Boring

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mother happier in retirement communityWhen learning about Catherine Bertoni’s past career and activities as well as her current lifestyle within her community, one can find just how socially equipped she is.

Her ability to interact with others is what made the 69-year-old continue her job at a department store in commission sales and as a buyer.

“I really like working with people, so I stayed there for 34 years,” said Catherine.

With a great interest in games and sports, she enjoys watching football and showing off her skills in poker.

Aside from her various activities, family is a top priority. When the time came, it was important for Catherine to find a new home for her mother.

“We had to put her in a senior facility because she had a tendency to fall down the stairs,” she said.

Before she passed away, Catherine’s mother continued to reside at the facility for about five years, although her daughter preferred Waverly Gardens, which was under construction at the time.

Now, Catherine resides at the independent community in Woodstock. Among its many features, the facilities and underground parking offered by the community caught her attention.

“I’m much more happier,” she said, “It’s a lovely community and there are a lot of young people here.”

Aside from feeling a great sense of independence, she said the gym offers a variety of activities and that playing games with one another is a typical hobby for residents.

And Catherine is the expert on activities at Waverly, since planning them is part of her duty as resident relations coordinator. According to her, members of the community hold potluck dinners and ice cream socials or they all enjoy an evening out for dinner.

The residence also has its own cable system and a movie screen where people can watch football and movies.

“It’s like our own theater downstairs,” said Catherine.

Besides taking care of activities for her fellow residents, she keeps herself busy working for a local church where she arranges services, particularly weddings and funerals.

Although already very active, Catherine, along with her peers, has been making some positive changes as the community is developing environmentally-friendly guidelines to help residents sustain healthy lifestyles.

She has seen a great impact from its green features that include energy-efficient lighting, water-efficient landscaping, and the post-consumer recyclables that make up 31 percent of building materials.

“We have solar panels on the roof that contribute to our smaller water and electrics bills,” said Catherine.

Although she had wished the same experience for her mother, Catherine enjoys all of the amenities her new home has to offer. With a great sense of independence, she continues her active lifestyle within her community and the surrounding area.

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