A Clear Decision: Moving to a Retirement Community

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model train lover in a newtown square, pa retirement communityAfter serving in the Marine Corps and spending many years in the workforce, Norman Barr knew he eventually wanted to settle down in a retirement community where he could enjoy a relaxing lifestyle and supportive environment. Therefore, he knew his future home had to be Dunwoody Village, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) located in Newtown Square, Pa. where his mother and cousin had each lived.

As a pilot, Norman served in the Marine Corps during World War II, but left the military following his graduation from college in 1948. Two years later, he married and went on to start a 20-year career in the manufacturing and construction business, through which he and his family traveled to various parts of the U.S., England and Canada. After serving as executive vice president for the Canadian subsidiary of Turner & Newell, Ltd, he left his Montreal home of eight years to return to the U.S. where he joined Merrill Lynch. For 20 years, he managed several offices in the Delaware Valley and eventually retired in 1988.

It was in 1999 that Norman’s wife passed away and he began to seriously consider the idea of a making the transition to a retirement community. Wanting the convenience of staying near his hometown of Berwyn, Pa., Norman had visited Dunwoody Village on several occasions to see his mother and cousin and was impressed with the care they received.

“It was very important to me to have the healthcare facilities that Dunwoody has. My mother had a couple of health incidents in which they took very good care of her,” he said.

Aside from the medical care that extends to assisted living and skilled nursing, it was also the luxurious residential accommodations and friendly service Norman knew he would find that further attracted him to the community.

“Dunwoody has all of the amenities that I wanted,” he said.

And for the past 10 years, he has enjoyed the amenities that have offered him a fun and maintenance-free lifestyle, from housekeeping services to transportation to a fitness center and game room. He also noted how easy it is for one to assimilate in the community, thanks to the welcoming staff and residents.

“I had a couple of friends who lived here as well, but I found it very easy to meet other people. There is a New Resident Hospitality Committee that gives people the opportunity to meet and go to dinner with some of the current residents if they wish,” said Norman.

While a range of activities keeps residents socially engaged, there are also several organizations in which to get involved. Norman is the treasurer of the community’s Residents’ Association and also the chairman of the Model Railroad Committee.

“Dunwoody has a large collection of trains that belonged to one of Dunwoody’s original residents and the whole thing has been expanded and maintained,” he said.

Although there is always something going on within the community, Norman also feels fortunate in being just a short trip away from his two daughters and twin granddaughters in West Chester and New Jersey.

As a second generation resident, Norman’s decision to make the move to Dunwoody may have been an obvious one, however, it a decision that for the past 10 years he has never regretted.

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