A Charmed Life: Active Adults

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retired woman in baltimore marylandEveryone calls her Miss Mamie. She’s 96 years young and charms the staff and other participants at the Levindale Adult Day Services in Baltimore, Maryland. Miss Mamie Williams is a proud, graceful woman who has faced immeasurable losses in her life. Her husband, her five siblings and her two sons have all passed away. Despite difficult times, this matriarch looks forward to the future, and spending time with her 11 grandchildren and her extended family at Levindale.

Miss Mamie comes to Levindale three days a week and likes to do everything from arts and crafts to baking cookies. Her favorite music is classical, but music isn’t the only thing she likes to listen to. Miss Mamie says she likes to listen to those around her because she learns so much from them. However, if you ask staff members, they say it’s Miss Mamie who is wise.

Miss Mamie says being nice to people is what life is all about. She wears a charm bracelet, given to her by her grandson-in-law that reminds her how charmed her life really is.

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